Sure I'm a flake once in a blue moon....
 I'm not perfect you know


This is to all those to whom  I trade and sell to/ with. *Most* of you already know me in detail and I don't have to explain myself, but there are those of you who are new and are not familiar with me and my workings. This will help you understand why from time to time I "flake" out or forget about our trade/sale ect.

My life is one big job. Basically these are the reasons behind my statement.

#1) I have 3 yr old twin girls.
#2) I work from home taking care of both Girls (There is NO daycare for me to have time off to myself) 
**Note**  Simple math 2 kids = 2 Full time Jobs.
#3) I make and sell my own line of jewelry to the local stores. This is 2 Jobs as I make it then have to take it to do "Trunk shows" and sell it to the stores.
#4) I keep home, house and everything inside it up kept.
#5)  I do trades and sales off the web site for not just cards but Jewelry as well.

With all these things that I do in my everyday life I literally have little to no break from them. All my family is in Florida so I have no help from that quarter. I have no baby sitter since we can't afford them/nor do I trust them, at least NOT in California..... Our weekends move way too quickly and with so much to do it tends to make the week not only go by slower but adds more things to my to do list.. And things are, in general, centered around our girls.  

If you are NEW and would like to trade or sell with me even perhaps the buying of the Jewelry. PLEASE read my Rules page! I DO NOT have time for e-mails that ask stupid questions and persons who don't know what they want. I am more than willing to help you or anyone with their needs but please have enough common courtesy to LOOK and READ before sending me e-mails that have commonly asked for info/questions already answered either on the trades pages themselves or the rules page.