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To Purchase items

Acceptable Payments: 
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Visa MasterCard Discover American Express eCheck

**Cash, Paypal, or Postal Money Orders accepted** US Dollars ONLY!!!!!!!

Rules for e-mailing

1) E-mail me at either of the following e-mails: Blossomfairy[at]serendipity-collections[dot]com with something referring to either of the following:  "Trading Card, Furoku, Cel, Shitajiki shopping" in the subject line! If I see any other header you will be ignored and e-mails will be deleted! I HAVE A TON OF SPAM & VIRUS"S TO DEAL WITH!! NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. DON'T FOLLOW THEM AND YOU WILL BE IGNORED!

2) Copy the Section and info next to the item in question that you want.

3) Tell me how you will be paying and let me know if you have any questions about anything, THAT IS NOT ALREADY EXPLAINED. About 90% of my items for sale will  have a specific price listed next to the actual item. Anything without pricing e-mail me about. I could have made a mistake or it could be I don't have pricing for it just yet, ect. 

4) Send me the E-mail and I will get back to you within 24 hrs. I usually check mail 2 or 3 times a day so you will probably get a response within less than 12 hrs.

Rules for Shipping

#1) Persons who pay via Cash, Pay Pal and Postal Money Order will get their order sent out within 3 business days.

*~If you are sending cash I am not responsible if it gets lost! And make sure you wrap it up in paper like a note before you send to me.~*

*~ If you do not insure package and I send it out, once it's gone I am no longer responsible for it.  Mail does get lost, every day, and I am not held liable should this happen to you.

Do not e-mail me telling me I have to replace it. That doesn't work with me, and you will piss me off. However, if you ask nicely and I have a duplicate/spare and I can part with it, I will gladly see about sending it to you.  I have done this for a little more than 3 years and I have excellent references available for you to check into should you want to make sure about me.

My references are below. They are available for both the Trades and Sale sections.





Trade/Sale References

How to place a Trade

E-mailing me a Trade option

E-mail:   SailorJeni[at]yahoo[dot]com


Trade Ratio's All Regular cards I have listed are for trade and sale! 

I will ONLY trade for other Sailor Moon, CCS, MKRE,  FY, ANC,  cards I need as a rule.  However in over all trades I will trade for anything on my wanted list.. Look into my other card sets want list for more details.. For Shitajiki or Phonecard trades please e-mail me your list and I will look into it. 

Trade Ratio's:

1 WGL for 2 specials
1 Special to 1 Special
Charamide cards for 4 regs
1 Carddas "W" card for 2 Jap regs
1 film card Reg for 2 Japanese reg cards
1 Reg to 1 Reg / 1 Japan Reg to 2 N/A Reg's

Jumbo's, Kira Kira, Morningaya, Manga cards, things of that nature range differently. Tell me exactly what you want and what you have extras of (your offer) I will let you know what the trade ratio is for them.

Mailing goods If we are trading we each pay for the same type shipping. No matter if it's priority, first class, ect. I expect all cards to be handled with care from both sides. 

If items are damaged in shipping, and they were loose and/or got bent,  faded, scratched, dented (and there is no way it was done during shipping) you will be e-mailed and are expected to either:
A) Return my goods or
B) Replace the one's you sent me with near mint/mint condition cards. I in turn will do the same. 

If there is no insurance and it was damaged during shipping I will eat it.

If there is insurance and they get damaged then I will need you to send me the insurance info so I can take it and the package down to PO and fix the situation. And Vice versa. 

Shipping Repeat info:   If we are trading we each pay for the same type shipping. No matter if it's priority, first class, ect. I expect all all items to be handled with care from both sides. 

Shipping for Canada, Italy, New Zealand, etc will cost more and there are restrictions as to how you can send/receive goods. IF we trade and I send registered in a trade, You will be required to do the same. If you do not then you 
A) either owe me money or
B) owe me more of said item in trade..

**Please keep in mind if you contact me first and/or live in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Italy, ect... then you need to send first. **ALWAYS** The only exception to this *Excluding overseas traders* is for traders that I have already traded with and know. In that case we send out at the same time.








Trade/Sale References

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