About Nadja 
This story is about a young girl going on 14 who lives in an orphanage with a special brooch that was left on her as a child when she was left with them. She, as a child, was left in the care of an orphanage as an infant. Having lived there so long without her mother's return Nadja starts to feel as though she might be dead. The headmistress of the facility and Nadja sit and have a talk. During this talk Nadja receives an item that the Headmistress says was left with her back when she was originally dropped off in their care.  After receiving the item she promptly opens up the package and to her surprise there is a wonderful ball gown, diary, and a letter, the contents are written in French, leads her to believe that her mother is alive and she will once again, one day get to see her again. Ecstatically happy over this news and the items that once belonged to her mother, she smiles happily thinking of her future and one day meeting her again.

Her brooch is such that with it, she can prove her claim to legitimacy of the family estate and whose child she is. Her Uncle does not want her to lay claim to any of it and tries to steal it away by hiring a couple of  bungling detectives to do the rather simple job for him. Nadja watches as the orphanage catches fire and while evacuating to safety realizes that she left all her mother's things inside. She rushes back inside to get them and after doing so has to jump through a window to safety. The traveling troupe helps to put out the fire out with the others and while Nadja is getting off the ground from her rush through the window the 2 men capture her and tell her to give them the brooch. In the midst of the struggle her brooch falls to the ground and a ring rolls out. As she's trying to get it back a man on a horse rides thought the forest and rescues her, knocks out the men, replaces the ring back into the brooch after studying it and returns it to her. He gives her a little comfort and kisses her forehead ... then Nadja passes out. This man's name is Francis and she comes to think of him as special and slowly falls in love as she grows up while the series progresses.      

Will Nadja ever meet her Mother..?? Will Nadja ever be able to tell Francis her feelings for him...?? What will happen as her mother, father, and uncles past catches up and is unveiled?? Watch the series to find out. ^_~ 

Ashita no Nadja review

Story is absolutely wonderful! In an odd way it reminds me of "Annie" to an extent.  26 episodes are currently available and there are a total of 51 episodes to completion of series. The characters are lively and distinct. Each one has their own story but as you learn theirs bit by bit you also learn about Nadja, her family, and their past. There is romance as well as simplistic intrigue in the series and is in general a very entertaining series as a whole. It just gets better and better as you watch the series progress. 

The only thing that I see at this point in the series is that for a CG show it looks totally off. The only thing I can compare it to is the "Old" candy Candy type of drawings. Very simplistic and colorful. For a CG show it really does not give off the feel of one. I still do not like is the fact that when Nadja dances the CG for it is awful, in my opinion. She looks like a strange puppet during a specific type of performance. This aside you do get used to it and by then you are so taken with the plot and story that it makes little difference. ^_^

Because of the Era of this series and what was happening during that time everything takes place at a much younger age... At 14 or is it 15 they are expected to already be working and at 16 it is not unheard of to be married. So aside from that I see absolutely nothing wrong with this series at all for the young viewers. .