Tokyo Mew Mew
Parent Review

~ Overview ~

At it's core this series is about Momomiya Ichigo, who happens to be everything like a normal teenager of the day untill while on a date with her crush and fellow classmate, Aayama Masa trouble comes knocking. Ichigo, who has been targeted by a couple of strange men falls into their hands and after merging her DNA with that of an extinct cat Ichigo now faces an alternate self, who once transformed, has special abilities and a few traits belonging to that of the genetic cat donor ^_^. As she is known in this form, Mew Ichigo must now fight to save the world and man from Aliens bent on it's destruction because their once beautiful planet is now a disaster thanks to the human world waste.

The Aliens harbor hate and such towards all the human race and want to take what was once theirs away from those that are now destroying it. This is where the battle and their story begins.   

~ Review ~

More than likely if you enjoyed Sailor Moon or Mermaid Melody (Pichi Pichi Pitch) then you will more than likely enjoy this series. ^_^  The henshin (transformations) of the characters especially Ichigo are beautiful to watch. Beautifully drawn characters and background, wonderful coloring, catchy music...the colors, characters, story... everything they wrap around and give one a good feeling and a good time.  It's all so nice and enjoyable to watch!

After watching the first episode I found that it was very pleasing to the eye as well as easy to follow for those that have young kids I see nothing at all wrong with this series for the young viewers. My daughters watched it and love it with a passion.  The series is at about 39 episodes so far, however, I have no idea about the total episodes from start to finish. For all those shoujo and magical girl fans out there looking for more fair in the anime market this is right up your alley. The series give plenty of magic by introducing yet another tempting title to the fan base.

While in general the series starts up a little slow on the background department of the characters and why they are doing, what they are doing.. The series speeds up and takes shape rather nicely and all in all has pretty decent timing as well.