It takes all kinds....

Well this is just plain stupid and I thought I'd poke fun at it. A friend of mine received an e-mail from someone and sent it to me for laughs so I thought I'd share. ^_^

Here is the e-mail a friend of mine got from someone off the wall today (August 3rd)

-----Original Message-----

>From: cheernoel
>To: Moon_Princess
>Date: Thursday, August 03, 2000 12:42 PM

>>Hey bitch it's me ~PrincessSerena~ don't ever ever ever take my name again
>>or eles and that is a promise to the moon. Im sailor moon the champion of
>>justis and in the name of the moon i shall punish you.

>>The real PrincessSerena

Now really chick what were you thinking? First off if you were her you'd be able to spell better than that. At least in one language anyway.... You sure as hell don't sound like the brave Usagi I know and love. She doesn't have a potty mouth like you do either. If you ask me you sound like your drunk. Course Usagi was drunk in one episode but she still had better manners than you are showing now. Also why is it kids do this stupid stuff anyway?? I guess they just like looking like a fool because that's all it makes them in the long run.