Good trader turned Bad!

    ok, I had someone win a pencil board on Auction back in the end of may or June. It was a person by the name of Lillian and while all other winnings had gone well with her, she seemed nice to trade with in the beginning and had top rating on Auctions,  My opinion of her has changed for the worse.

Her Payment never arrived and I e-mailed her this on June 1st.:

    Hi Lillian.... I still haven't received payment as yet for the Pencil Board. Did you even still want it? I think you were going to send a check and I know we were discussing that bank thing but I still haven't logged in the fact that I received anything from you. If It was a check can you please track it? I know I e-mailed you before and the attached bottom part is your reply. Please let me know. I need to put it back on Auction if I don't get a response from you within 3 days.

 Finally after waiting forever, I  received a response to what happened to the Money she was supposed to send.

Hi Jenny!

Good grief..I am sorry I forgot all about this one :( sigh.. I am sorry yes

I will send payment to you Monday morning. It's too late for me to send it

now. I really am sorry about this..

 >_< Well, *takes a deep breath* That was fine,  I was cool about it, very nice actually. I asked her if she still wanted it. Her response was "yes!" I asked her how long till the money was sent and she said she would have her sister send it to me ASAP. Well then another long wait ensued and after another nice e-mail to her about no funds showing up she writes me back:

On 6/8/00 she e-mailed me:

I am having trouble sending you the $$ as the currency rates fluctuate

everyday. Can you still wait for my payment or do you need it ASAP? If you

have another buyer for it - it would be all right if you want to sell it to

someone else. I do know I won it in an auction and all but if you are in a

hurry I do not think I can send it that fast. I will send out payment and

it will reach you in a few weeks..LMK if you can still wait.

Still believing in her, I told her no problem, I wasn't in a hurry but that 2 more weeks was all she would get since it had been a long while already. She said fine.

FOREVER passes and STILL no payment! I e-mail her again asking what happened and 

On 6/30/00 she wrote:
Hi Jennifer!

I am sorry to tell you that I was unable to send you payment for the pencil

board as the rates here kept going up. If it's possible for you to sell the

board again pls do so. I have extra boards you might want for trade? I know

this is too late for this LMK what you decide. Here are my extra boards...

I did sell the board to the runner up one of my fav's ^_^  "Saien" and then shortly thereafter she won a few Boards on auction one of which was for 77.00 plus! I would have preferred she just tell me the truth. This type stuff is annoying in the least.. Not only that but she volunteered to send me several informative things on the Jumbo carddas cards like numbers of what set ect.. and then never came through. She also e-mails me about trading for cards then when I ask about trading for the MB cards I never get a response from her EVER again?! What's up with that?? Well at one point I had her on my Good traders list. THAT is no longer the case. She has been removed and I don't think I will ever visit her site nor deal with her again.  Please be advised.

***UPDATE*** October 2003 !!!!

This person has now for a while (this is being updated very late) .... She is now back in good graces and has a wonderful site with all kinds of Sailor Moon card scans. Her site is very functional and well run. After fully explaining what happened and why things were like they were during the times listed above and such we called a truce as I then understood what happened and we both moved on.