Do I look like a mind reader to you !?!?!

    Ok, I HAVE HAD IT! What's worse than talking to an idiot????  No idea... Give up yet???  Well, it's e-mailing an idiot. God, sometimes I get the stupidest e-mails! I can  understand them if they weren't answered on the site but they are! All over the site ! Hell some of these are SELF EXPLANATORY

In the last couple months I have had SEVERAL persons e-mailing me with any and all variations of the following questions:

"Hi there! I was wondering If I could trade you for your Banpresto #12 card?"

Uh. Ok. Let's think about this a bit... How many Banpresto set's have at least up to card #12 in them?? Thinking about it, are we?? Well, let's see... at least 8.  Now how many Banpresto cards sets do I have listed on the site that have a card numbered #12 listed as extra?? Hum, try 4.....! HELLO!? You'll have to tell me the SET and SERIES info in order to get the card you want people! It's a waste of my time to narrow it down for you... I do have Other things to do. 

"What's your Trade ratio on cards?"

Um... Let's see. Did you NOT READ the Note at the top of my trades page that says before you e-mail me for a trade you need to look here for rules?? HELLO!!!!!!

"Who did your site?"

*Beads of sweat pop out on head* Um... who else? ME! If it had been someone else I would have left links saying that so and so did it. There are a couple of pic's that were barrowed WITH permission from a few sites before I altered them. As for the layout all that was done by me. And I know absolutely NOTHING about HTML....  :P But Naru has helped me a bit in that a while back ... I was smart and took notes.

"Why do you have a Sailor Moon page?"

Ok, this is another self explanatory one. Because I like it. I have always liked it, but was never and I am still not computer literate but when I have free time I LOVE working on my site. It's something to do outside of working, making jewelry, and taking care of my twin girls.

"Are those your kids I saw on the About web mistress page?"

*LMAO and wipes tears from eyes* Sometimes this can make me feel so young. But I really wish people would think before they ask this. It saves you from looking like a fool. Can anyone translate what "About the Web Mistress" means? It means about the person who makes the site. Such as ME, MYSELF, and I. Yes, those are my girls shown in the pic's. Yes, that was me in the Halloween Pic. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!

"Can I trade you my card #8 for something?"

OK this is another obvious question. First off do you KNOW how many #8 cards there are in SM trading cards?!? 23 not counting the Jumbo cards , DX cards, Promide cards,  Heart Ribbon cards, Fortune Foil cards and the many other series that are floating around out there. Why not make it easy and just tell me the series you have then the year if you aren't sure, perhaps a small description... it will help you to get a response from me.