Traders Taking Advantage

Okay People Listen up! The Following is a recital of e-mails of someone e-mailing me and trying to rip me off in trades.. Any notes are in "(**)"

The first time we traded she ripped me off (or tried to anyway) me by telling me she was sending PP cards NOT the fake sticker ones(I asked for numbers and they were different than the FYI so I was suspicious, and told her if they were fakes when I got them in there would be no trade,  in trade for Japanese cards. When I got them in, I find out they are DAMAGED  FAKE's of the Japanese cards! She still wanted me to send her her cards since we agreed ect... she said " well, Since I live so far away and didn't know... blah blah.." *BULL@#$* !!! I repeadly asked you over and over if they were fakes and you still said they were real. I said, simply put, one big NO!!!!

Now the fun part!!!! This was for another trade below! Check it out!!!!

Starting E-mail Correspondence which she e-mailed me First on:

hi sailorjeni, I'm ss20 , founder of ss's sm trading club and mini shop. I visited your spare card's site, and I found loads and loads of cards I needed!!!!! here they are below:

SM HeroCollection3-313,315,319,320,321,324,328,337,340,342,343,346,353,355,260,368,369,379,380,382,383 carddass 5-164,170,174
carddass 9HK-$0.50 and $0.40 cards x20

can you please give me a bargain on those cards?  I'm a sailormoon dealer as
well, and I hold many sailormoon merchandises, is it possible that I pay you $20 US and some merchandises for you to make up for these cards?? from your price at your site, some of these cards are pretty cheap, here's some

~~MY Thought's on above PORTION of  E-MAIL*** A deal?!?! Sorry you burned me once before and I gave you a break but If you look at my pricing, as you have already noticed as you commented that many of my cards are cheep, the price guide I use is the same if not lower than what the Store web sites charge for their cards. If you are a DEALER you'd be TRUSTWORTHY and buy more, since you would be buying for sale at retail prices. Then I WOULD lower the prices, from a WHOLESALE  point of view. These cards are hard enough to get a hold of as it is!

SAME E-MAIL from above CONTINUED below!

Sailormoon stuff that you can choose from:

sailormoon sticker sheets - sell for $2 each
sailormoon ruler - sell for $2.50 each
sailormoon eraser - sell for $0.80 each
sailormoon Japanese post card set (5)- sell for $6
sailormoon notepad key chains - sell for $1 each
sailormoon 2 inch figures- princess Serena, sailorveuns, sailorjupiter,
sailormars - sell for $3 each
sailormoon magnet phone book - sell for $2.50 each

I also have tons of pokemon stuff, some other anime cards like dragonballz, creamy mami HK pps, loads of unknown pp cards PLEASE accept this deal as I really need these cards! and I probably won't be able to get these from someone else......reply me soon, thanks

sailorsalsa20- sally ^_^

E-mail from me in response to her e-mail above:

Sorry Sally,  my prices are even, if not cheaper that what I have seen them sell for at the Anime Stores online with a few exceptions. I can't do any better. Some of what you wanted are hard to get a hold of as it is but many of what I do have I have multiples of so I know I won't be running out any time soon. As for Merchandise I have tons of that stuff already and I am running out of room. I am keeping my "other" stuff consistent with bigger items of interest i.e.: transformation wands, Lockets, Pencil Boards... the smaller stuff I just have WAY** too much of and for me is easier and cheaper to get them from around the corner. Sorry I couldn't help out.

**(Now was that Civil of me or what?? )**

Her e-mail in response to my rejection of her *offer*

 okay, can I please have the followings then?

Hero Collection3-all numbers I send you before ( see below ) 
carddass5 and 6 - all numbers I send you before
 HK carddass9 cards - $0.50 and $0.40 cards I send you the numbers
of before
Graffiti6-the 3 graffiti 6 cards at $0.25 each
Graffiti5-all the numbers I send you before for $0.50 each

Hero Collection3-21 cards I wanted = $14.70
carddass5 - 3 cards I wanted = $2.10
 carddass6-12 cards I wanted = $8.40
Graffiti 3 - 3 cards I wanted= $0.75


Could you please make this deal $20 US for me?? please!!!? I already shortened my list by allot, and I really hope that you could spare me these cards for $20 US reply me soon PLEASE!!!!
sailorsalsa20- sally

Like I am supposed to be sorry she had to shorten her list? HELLO!!?!!?? Anyone home?  I am NOT DOING YOU ANY FAVORS.  I DON'T have STUPID STAMPED on my head nor the site. I get  burned one time by you then that IS THE LAST TIME I get burned by you. I don't do Second chances! There is no excuse!

My E-mail in response to hers.

Sorry sally I am not going down on my prices. I have done my best in making sure that my prices are either the same or cheaper than the online stores. I will not make deals on them.


Her E-mail to me:

hi Jenny, well I have no loose change, besides it'll be heaver to send over, so can it be a total of $25 US?? reply me soon


At this point I told her ok just cause I wanted it over with...  @_@, YEAH stupid I know...Then Something made me go over her note again and the following is what I wrote to her for the LAST TIME.

This is your list as you sent it to me. You need to cut down on cards, I just realized that after repeatedly telling you I wouldn't go down on price you did it again. You are exceeding your 25.00 limit.

SM Hero Collection3-all numbers I send you before
SM HeroCollection3-313,315,319,320,321,324,328,337,340,342,343,346,353,355,260,368,369,379,380,382,383
carddass5 and 6 - all numbers I send you before
SM carddass 5-164,170,174
SM carddass6-205-209,211,212,214,215,216,221,232
SM HK carddass9 cards - $0.50 and $0.40 cards I send you the numbers of before
SM carddass 9HK-$0.50 and $0.40 cards x20
Graffiti6-the 3 graffiti 6 cards at $0.25 each

Your list is :
22 Hero cards @ .70 each = 15.40
15 Carddas 5 and 6 cards @ .70 each = 10.50
H.K. Carddas 9 cards You didn't send me any numbers for specifics. all you put were 20pcs. So 20 cards x .40 (assuming it's all of the non- mint cards.) = 8.00
Graffiti 3 and 6: 11 cards @ .25 each = 2.75

If you TOTAL everything all together it comes to $36.65. If you do this again I will stop trades with you. I have told you before I WILL NOT go down on prices. You are LUCKY I am not charging you for shipping for these as it is.



What I find so UNBELIEVABLY  stupid is that she ACTUALLY had the guts to keep giving me wrong totals. THIS IS WHAT SHE has done to 2 other persons I know of for sure to date, and in my opinion it is unacceptable! I would watch out for this person and be careful in trades with her. Unfortunately I can't leave her e-mail in broad viewing but the initial's are there and some of you I know ALREADY know her... TAKE CARE!!!!!!!

This was the last e-mail I have ever had from her to date. THANK GOD!!!!!!

And I hope I do not get anymore from her. No Honesty then no trade! No honesty then  no sale!



 Trading Is not by any means a bad thing, It's a good thing and I LOVE trading! BUT,  when you lie deliberately, scheme, and try to hid facts it is wrong. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! This person has ripped off two VERY GOOD trading Partners of mine. This last time which, as I found out  last night,  was a mistake because I will no longer sit by and watch someone else get ripped off by this person EVER AGAIN!