seeeeiya.jpg (6603 bytes) Fantasies Oh My!!

Anime is all Fantasy!

     Fantasy is what keeps our days alive. How many time's have you sat in class, or on a bus, restaurant...and seen a friend or co-worker and said to yourself how wonderful he/she is? Have you ever sighed with pleasure over a gift given by a secret admirer? How about being with a long time friend and wondered what it would be like to date them? That's fantasy! It makes you wonder, leaves you questioning your sanity, and then leaves you breathless with delight or frustration over unexpected longing.... It's there in all of us. Waiting, biding ..... The thrill of excitement, the smell of change...

     This series (as do so many other's I am sure) gives us that moment of wonder, that expectation, that longing we've been craving... Women are especially encouraged in this area. We all have it, it's not like you get married and forget all about it, shut it in a closet and lock it away. One little surprise is all it takes to make the plunge. Why I went *POSITIVELY* Nuts when Usagi is fighting on the roof top during the end of the series after Seiya throws a rose and looks like he's wearing a cape! I THOUGHT HE WAS MASK! I held my breath, and  I cried when she fall apart, sitting there on the ground crying  while Seiya holds her and her friends look on.  It takes not only talent but raw vision to achieve what Naoko did.  I loved her flair and her talent. 

     Why do you think we come up with all these unusual ideas of being romantic?  It's our nature, our way of becoming different, expression, and our needs all in one.  It is something that needs to be nourished so it can grow. Why do people consistently deny their instincts, or emotions..? Because they were taught to conceal their true feelings. Hate doesn't just come naturally it feeds on false accusations. It's the fear of the unknown. Fear of the unusual. Fear of the weak side of that person or thing. But Love... Love grows and leaves you feeling good about yourself and others. It's how you know you are growing inside. It shouldn't be run away from in fear or shunned.  To be different means to be special and being special means you are unique. Differences  should be embraced. Nothing is wrong with being different, but not understanding what different means, is a terrible thing.

     As Sailor Moon said, It's one world, one planet that we all live on. Sharing, Caring, Understanding, Nurturing are all human emotions and actions in which we have control. To show and share those feeling to another different than us means we can understand one another. And to understand one another means we can get along