Mothers for New Release!

I am one mother who want's to see the releases... Why? Look at all the element's the series provides!
#1 ROMANCE! Not much in SM but it's there! ^_^
#2 Action!
#3 Hot Anime Men!!!! ahem... this should have been listed as #1...gomen, Kathy, Dawn..~
#4 Unusual elements... (perhaps hidden fantasy's??)
#5 Involved plot and cute captions...

These are all reasons why I love the series. As both a mother and wife I find the characters intriguing and  involved. I love the fact that in Japan's modern day ... since it hasn't made it's way here in the US in a truly open way... they believe in ALL aspects of life no matter how difficult, trying, or odd it is or may seem. Take for example the "Lesbian" relationship in the series itself.   To see that in Today's market place is not only unusual but in a cartoon form it's practically shunned by US society... I NEVER see anything like this in Cartoon form in the US. You??  Who the heck said that all cartoons are for kids?? I watch them and I am an Adult for crying out loud! Without that little kid in you, you are nothing, just an old fart :)... all the fun and excitement is gone leaving you dull and lifeless. 

In America's culture Cartoons are for kids, with the exception of Disney (which is considered "Family" movie's) I like the fact I can see something so beautiful as Artistry in the form of Poetry on the big screen (or Small screen, TV. ^_^) The color's, the Imagery, the detail's, Character's, elements, and plots... I love it! It's  freedom, a treat and a wonder all in one. All combined it is a feat that crosses all mediums. Who would want to miss such a thing!? Not me! I relay hope the US learns to accept things as they are so we can not only enrich our lives for the better but also have a better understanding and tolerance for the unusual aspects of other cultures and  lifestyles.

Frankly speaking I would love to see other Anime forms on TV rather than the same old: Soap Opera's, Court drama's.... I know I could care less about watching some stupid "Divorce Court", or Judge Judy crap. They are just trying to make a buck off of someone's stupidity and/or Misfortune... which is the lowest form of entertainment in my book.