Downright Annoying People in the SM community.

For those of you that don't like the green, ^_^ This is for you. Enjoy!

     I have only met one as yet (well actually 2 but I can't remember the other one's name at the moment). But anyway this one's screen name is Xplo and he is the MOST annoying person I have ever had the misfortune to meet online. I first met this person in the Sailor Moon Z Forum and later in the Deja Forum. If he ever responds to any of your posts then it's probably a bunch of egotistical trash, about anything from how you spelled something wrong to "you don't know anything so why bother explaining". He's the most self absorbed, intolerable, "I am god" complexed, egotistical pig I have  ever met online.

This is our posts in the Forum where I had Posted a message asking if any of the people could help me with my FrontPage problem:

He wrote:  Oh, just use FTP, you sniveling wimp.. there's nothing wrong with it. Sheesh. *_*

Then I wrote:  Hey  chill out ! I am getting tired of your crap Xplo!! If you don't
have the brains to answer politely then DON'T answer at all. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners? Must not have
or I wouldn't be having to reply in the negative to you.
He wrote:  If you'd actually seen my crap, you'd know that I *was* being polite. Of course. This is what I get for trying to offer advice to a nitwit like yourself: yelling and limp-wristed retribution. *sigh*  When will I ever learn? On the other hand, you can despise me all you want, but the FTP server will still be there, and FrontPage will still be an abomination, and you'll still be having tech problems; so, in the end, you suffer by not taking my advice. Gee, when I put it that way, this all sounds pretty funny. ;)

Well these are the points I'd like to make to his comments when dealing with me: And I reverently hope he reads this!

1) All this from a person who in his own opinion has "crappy work"? WOW! *Claps hands* good thing I didn't ask/want/need any of your help. My web page would suck big time then.
2) And as far as the advise for a "nitwit" like myself , I'm not the one making themselves look like an ___ now am I?
3) Limp-wrested retribution ?? Hell, I don't need nor want to waste all my breath on an inconsiderate ___ like you.
4) Will you ever learn? No, I seriously don't think you will. At least not in this lifetime! LOL!!
5) Yeah the FTP server is still here, but I still don't need to use it because you see, despite your meaningless stupidity, and your self centeredness I figured out what was wrong and fixed it with the help of my husband and a fellow Moonie who HAS BRAINS unlike you..
6) FrontPage is a HELL of a lot better than FTP not to mention easier and your the only ABOMINATION I have ever come across.
7) Last but not least, as I know we will clash again. I hate to bust your bubble, but in case you haven't guessed it as yet, your advise sucked as did your attitude and while my page(s) are very well done and the FrontPage problem is fixed you still have a sorry attitude and your page and "crap" as you put it will probably remain that way . So now look who has the last laugh.......

It's a favorite pastime of his. And he loves getting attention from your responses so DO NOT respond to his comments! Unless your like me and have a hot temper and can handle the firing squad from his point.

At this point *The last entry made by him* I refused to respond to him in the Forum and no more posts were made by me. But this was the 3rd or 4th time he had done something like this to me in a forum. So please be advised, just ignore him and hopefully he will go away. Or even better just leave you alone and let people who are willing to help you out offer their HELPFUL opinions instead of the bull*%#@ that for him passes as intelligence.