The facts about People facing the truth and dealing with it!

     Although I have only seen 2 Original versions of Sailor Moon as of now, I feel there are some things that need to be addressed and accepted as a fact of life. This section is a two parter the first part is about the fact that in the US although we have rights in some ways they are being misused.

     Every time there is a shooting at a school, a bombing or just about anything that is seen on the nightly news dealing with teenagers and children they blame a lot of  the stuff they do on TV. Then the adults twist that around and make the general audience pay for their stupid judgment. Example: Anyone who is stupid enough to take a cat and tie it up with firecrackers and light the poor cat on fire (bomb style) severely injuring or even killing the animal then blaming it on TV, needs to have the parents examined for not having scruples enough to explain to them that everything has a consequence and some of what they see is make believe or down right dangerous!! Just because you see it on TV. does not mean it contagious and their kids will get it. Believe it or not SOME of us aren't stupid!

     People think it is contagious like they used to think Aids was. "You touch it you get it"  People this kind of thinking downright stupid! When you see women with other women characters (Same for men) it makes for intrigue and keeps you guessing. It is an ELEMENT in a story !! Not a law passed for you to obey!! I am getting sick and tired of hearing people in forums, message boards, chats, etc... Posting they hate gays/Lesbians same with black, white, Indian, Chinese, etc... WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS. WE ALL LIVE TOGETHER ON THIS EARTH!! Racism on any level should not have to be tolerated and I for one think that you should deal with the fact that as long as there are Humans around we will continue to evolve. This includes the fact that we will evolve in intellect, as well as spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

     Parents need to take the time to explain and make sure to the best of their abilities that their children understand the consequences of  your/their actions as well as actions of others. Read them the newspaper, watch the evening news, use a history book, anything you can to teach them and help them understand the actions and consequences of what is going on around them. Just spend time with them. Remember what goes around comes around.