Trading is not a cheap game....... 

Someone by the name of Vic, e-mail is ----- vvv (for privacy only first 3 letters are shown). Has some very weird habits. About 29 months ago when I first found out I was pregnant) I e--mailed him about some Cutey Honey cards. It took him weeks to respond then when he did we went back and forth over what to trade and such waiting weeks even 2 months before a response, well It took him MONTHS to Finalize our trade. and then he stopped responding all together. I e-mailed him over and over. Finally I gave up. Then he e-mails me last year and the same thing happened. With me if this type of thing happens twice that is too much. I gave up. He has recently done it a 3rd time but this time he wanted all 8 of my Foil and Pz specials from Hero 4/5 (can't remember which one) in exchange for 2 prisms and 6 regs. Now, sorry but that just doesn't seem fair to me.  ESPECIALLY after wasting SO MUCH of MY TIME!. BEWARE OF THIS GUY!


Someone on Yahoo Messenger...... (for privacy only first 3 letters are shown) Has a Neg -6 and then some and When we first met it was over an auction she won, she had "0" status (new). So we proceeded. About2 weeks later I asked her on IM what had happened to payment as I didn't think I had received it. She said "oh it came back in the mail yesterday I need you to give me your address again so I can resend it to you.
#1) First off,  it is pretty stupid of her to not e-mail or IM me and let me know as soon as this happened.
#2) Second off,  to so flippantly say  that she got it back yesterday because she put a wrong address was dumb! If you can't keep track of who you are sending money, ect to you shouldn't be doing something as serious as bidding on Auctions. Because it shows you could care less about what you are winning, ect..
Well I gave it to her again and another week went by and I never received any info or payment, Nor an IM from her about if I had received it or not. Finally I left her a Negative feedback (she had "-6" status!!!) EVERYONE she had won things from left feedback about her not sending payment nor e-mailing them to let them know what happened AND she had the gall to IM me and *putting it politely* Chew me out for leaving that feedback when "How does she know if I didn't actually get it I could have taken her money anyway" Which by the way was a check *supposedly* Well 1st off   Look at my list above?? HELLO! You can e-mail any of these persons and see for yourself. 2nd off, I have a positive 98 on Yahoo and  more on Ebay under SailorJeni. I DON'T TAKE PEOPLES MONEY!   No one's perfect and everyone makes mistakes I do keep track of all auctions, trades, and store purchases....To  make this short. PLEASE, watch out for this person! They may rip you off!