Stupid trade e-mails part 2

Example #1)  how much are your pp15 holo, and your battle holos, and your pp9 holos? let me know how much each one costs ;).

Well, let's see. First there is no signature so I have no clue who is asking me about these cards. Is it really so hard to add one more word in at the bottom? No it's called being lazy! Second IF the person had looked and actually read the trades page they would have seen the prices for ALL these prism cards. There is a self labeled section called "Cards for sale with scans" This section has pricing shown NEXT to scans. Use a little common sense when looking through the site. Please read all info and look through everything before e-mailing me for trades... Do you particularly feel the need to go through the site in steps?  What happens if you write me 5 different times asking for 5 different sets of cards and such?  I will tell you. #1) I will not know what you want for sure, and as has happened before, after totals on individual e-mails either you or I , hell, even both of us will end up confused. What will also happen will be that the other party will end up saying something like,  "I didn't know there was that much I liked/wanted I will have to cut back on the order and get back to you." What does this mean? It means not only will I be ticked at the blatant waste of  my time because of dealing with your multiple e-mails but I will also be less likely to e-mail your second e-mail.