Talk about being vague...

Back in July I had this person e-mail me in regards to an auction he supposedly won. The original message was from someone that supposedly won an auction but then did not receive their items.

Buyer wrote......
I am formally requesting the anime cel to be shipped, I understand your personal predicaments, however a contract with ebay is a contract

You know I find this type of message hysterical. Who the heck is this person?? What the hell do they think I am? A mind reader?? Sorry 
folks I might be really good with Tarot cards and
divining but I DO NOT and CAN NOT read people's minds. When I did a search using his e-mail  name(s) in outlook I returned nothing for him/her in relation to anything. No messages, no e-mails.. 

Seller (I) wrote...

What cel are we speaking of... There is no name on this account as a signature with the message that was sent to me shown below in this message AND I show no other e-mails coming from this addy that was used to contact me. How in the world am I supposed to know who you are and what you "won"? I am very well aware that e-bay is a "contract" and as you can see via my feedback I have had nothing but positive feedbacks left from all the recent buyers.  I have 1 Negative to my name which was from a few years ago. If I were you, which I am not, I would suggest that you leave a bit more info so I can trace what you are referencing to. I have no clue what "cel", what your buyer name was, or anything. Maybe if you supplied that I could help you more.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!

After I sent the above message I received absolutely no response. It's things like this that happen that really make me wonder if people just do this so they can see how dumb we are and if there are any Freebies they can get from us unsuspecting sellers. >_<