What the hell .....!?!?

What does a fair trade/sale to you mean? Well, Here are some recent examples of the NOT Fair offers.

Example #1) 

Hero 1 prism  worth 10.00
PP 6 prism worth  $8.00.

2  Prism a PP3 and a PP4  prism

PP4 and lower in prism are valued at $17.00 and up.

In this case the person wanted to trade me 2 cards worth $18.00 for 2 of my cards worth  $34.00. This is NOT a fair trade.

Example #2)

Banpresto R prism's (1993)  12.00 and up
 trade for PP6 prism  $8.00

Banpresto R prism (1993)  12.00 and up
 for HC 1 prism $10.00 (This one is a closer trade but you should add a reg or two to balance it.) It's common courtesy.

Example #3)

PP2 Prism $20.00
For exchange with PP5 prism and 3 regs. (You still have to even out the trade.)

Example 4)

PP1 prism for Banpresto R prism from 1st season set 2 ;; If it was set 1 HELL yes i'd trade but not set 2 season 1 . :( (No way Jose'!!)

  If you are even THINKING about offering me something like the examples above, don't. It will save you the hassle of being turned down. I will probably ignore you as well.

  Usually this happens with new or Fake traders. I can guarantee I WILL NOT go for it. Nor will I be pleased. So please don't waste my time or yours with stupidity. On the flip side if you really need the cards and I can forsee parting with them we can come to an agreement. Maybe the extra cards you throw in to balance out the trade can been something extra I can just trade to someone else off the site, and not necessarily be needing for myself.