Rip Off artist ... Total ass.......Oh this ticks me off!!!!!!!

Ok folks! This is it. No more Miss Nice Lady. 
I am going to be a big bitch about this. If you don't like it then turn back now. I may offend some of you, especially in the language department.


    WAY back about 10 months or so ago, I met this person by the name of  "Matt" His ICQ name was "Uscae" He wanted to draw fan art for me in exchange for some Sailor Moon cards. Well he was referred to me by a friend and everything was good between them so I thought ok.  I'll go for it. It was fine for a couple months/about 2 or 3 trades. He was great at drawing and very nice and all, aside from sending those annoying ICQ messages and E-mails every day continually. 

   Then after about I would say 4 months things went down hill. Things were set up, he asked for favors on cards, wanted me to sell/trade to a friend/ gave me his word his friend wasn't a flake ect, wanted to bid on my auctions, you name it... He asked about it. Then his friend turns into one HUGE slacker.

    We established a list by which he would draw the art for characters from my Fan Fiction and after telling me he wasn't like his friend (whose a slacker) he tells me he will start work on the art for me. Then he tells me in ICQ that he can't remember (LIKE 5 times over a duration of 2 weeks) what drawings it was that I had wanted and asks me (5 times) to send the descriptions to him over and over again so he can start on them. Well I sent him the info like 5 TIMES ALREADY!!!!! How many times more do I need to send repeat info??? 

   *Note: How many times MUST I send the same exact info, I ask you?? What the hell is wrong with you!? If there is a problem tell me! Don't NOT tell me and expect me to put up with stupid shit like this. "Matt" KNEW I had children, jewelry, the site, and the other things I had to do. He is almost an adult at 17yrs of age. HE HAS BRAINS (Or so I thought) He should put them to good use. 

  I was lenient and after telling him to save his e-mail list from me (which he said he would) and such we continued on. No biggie, he was doing a great job on the Art I had so far, I was just tired of repeatedly telling him what should have been a obvious from the start. I told him I would like a statis on his art to please notify me as he finished them.

   Finally, after several weeks of "Can I have this card and this card, oh! and I want this one and this too!" (With all cards he requested on hold for him.) at one point I ask him how he is doing on the art and he says he has had some pieces done for the past week or so and would send them to me. 

   **Note: 1st off, Why did I have to  e-mail asking him how he was doing?  Why, if he had been done with a few, did he not e-mail me once they were to update me, instead of making me wait? And why didn't he e-mail me for my address or just send them and let me know they were on the way??

   Well, I was kind of upset at his lack of respect and responsibility towards me and I told him so. He apologized and said that he didn't think I'd mind. Things were crazy and he hadn't had a whole lot of time to do stuff. At this point I pointed out to him the following: "Well for someone who ICQ'ed me LITERALLY 5 times a day to remind me over and over that his B-day was coming up, and to e-mail me 2 to 3 times a day to ask and request cards (WHICH was really annoying!!!) I SURE AS HELL DO MIND!! He said he'd be more careful in the future and keep track of what is going on. I also specified that while I do not mind a reminder of his birthday ect that I do mind when all he seems to want to do is waste my time with the stupid stuff (Repeatedly) and what should be done by him that has priority has now been put on the back burner. I would expect that if something happened to delay him that he notify me ... I have no problems as long as I know what is going on and why. This to me helps establish a respect for the other person because it would show that he/she was taking the initiative and keeping me abreast of the situation. 

::Privately screams::  "Have some God Damn consideration, would you!"

  He apologized once more and said he would send the art to me the very next day since it was done..... Well, after a week I started to worry when none of the art arrived. I e-mailed Matt. No response. I ICQ'ed him. No response from that quarter either. Finally at about a 2 week no show period I started to hunt for him on ICQ. I left it on so as soon as he showed up I could get his attention. well it worked and I asked him about it. He said he'd check at the PO but that I should have received it. No mention of any other finished art was brought up or anything. He said he would e-mail me the next day and let me know what happened. 

   4 days went by without word. Finally, I hunted him down again and asked about the results. He said he forgot. >_< would check for me and get back.... once again same thing happened and same response. Then the 3rd time I ripped him a new one and told him I was getting tired of his "irresponsibility" and that he needed to send back the cards I sent him since the trade was off. I was tired of waiting like an idiot in a dark house for information he should not have forgotten to get much less notify me about. He said out of the blue, not 2 minutes after he told me he forgot, that the art was never sent and that he had MORE art done for me. Well, needless to say I was shocked and *SO* confused by this statement.

He asked me why I was so angry. 
I asked him if he knew what he had just told me he tells me "no". @_@

   **Note: Ok what kind of ass are you?? What the hell is wrong with you that you can't keep your shit straight? One minute you tell me you sent it I should have it, then in the next 2 minutes you tell me that you never sent me anything at all You can't even begin to fathom WHY I am angry with you?  Frankly, I feel like I talk to him and (in his mind) it's like listening to the teacher (me) from the "Peanuts" cartoon ... you know..... blah blah, blahblahblah, blah...blah..blah bla.... Get the Idea folks? GOOD!

   ::Takes a deep breath and continues on ahead with story...::

   From this point I ask him what he's intentions are and what he intends to do.  He says that he will not forget and that he will send me all the art over the weekend. That if he doesn't that he will return all the cards back to me. I made him swear on it and we agreed. I put one stipulation in the agreement though. It was that he would ship 2 packages. NOT 1. I figured this would be a really good way to see if he was telling me the truth. I mean there is a chance of 2 packages being sent at the same time to the same person, from the same person not showing up at all. But it's highly improvable. I figured if he "sent" them and neither arrived I could pretty much assume that he had screwed me over once again. Well BOTH THESE PACKAGES NEVER SHOWED UP!!  Then I find out after he tells me he sent me 2 packages same time, that he forgot and only sent one. That he was sorry he didn't do as I had asked.

  **Note: SORRY MY ASS!!!! Can we say S*T*U*P*I*D* ?? This is just too ridiculous. Well this can go to show you it can happen to anyone...

   He says he's sorry and that he will re-do and send to me all the art that was lost but that, ONCE AGAIN, I need to send him the "drawing list" @_@

::Grabs paper bag and hyperventilates::

   Well, as is the ritual of late I send it again and this time I hear nothing from him for about a month at which time, I e-mailed him 3 times to find out if he had done the art promised me. I also just happened to get in more cards and like an ASS I e-mailed him asking him if he would like more of the new cards.....

  What was his response.....?

   "I am sorry to tell you but as of last month I decided to stop collecting cards and such since I just don't have the time anymore. I am sorry."

   Ok well, I have had the courtesy to have the rest of these cards on hold for you for how long...??? 8 MONTHS!!! and you've known for a MONTH that you weren't going to collect?? AND you haven't even bothered to send me the art for the cards that I paid you for in trading cards already?? What kind of person are you!? I e-mailed him and requested that A) he either send me all the cards back or B) finish the art for which those cards were in trade for and send to me.

I never got a response. Then about a month later on 4/4/01 from a friend of his I get the following e-mail:

Dear Moon Princess & Sailor Jeni ^-^
This is Jeanine informing you that uscae is selling his cards, through me, and wanted you to be the first people to know. If there are any sailor moon cards that you want please email me back.

**Notes: Well hells bells! What do you mean IF I want my cards back??? Of course I do you nitwhit! And what the hell are you saying? Matt's actualy SELLING cards, my cards, and Moon Princess's that WERE NEVER PAID FOR. He's SELLING them? This is a joke right?

I wrote back to her the following;

Frankly, to be perfectly honest. I would like all the art he promised me. If he can't do it I want ALL the cards back that I never received any art for.


Well responce was as follows on 4/06/01

he is selling them..............if you want them i need the numbers.

I responded the following on 4/6/01

   Tell Matt he needs to straighten out his priorities. I would have had no problem IF he had told me from the start what was going on, but he didn't so now I am pissed.

  He needs to be more becoming irresponsible for someone his age. This not only makes me mad but ticks me off royally. KNOWING HE ACTUALLY GAVE THEM TO YOU TO SELL WHEN THEY AREN'T EVEN PAID FOR, regardless of the fact that you were to contact me to give them back makes him look bad..

   This list is from memory and some were for him some were for his friend and some were for his girl friend if I remember correctly.

   ALL CARDS WITH Stars next to them I KNOW for sure he got. I remember them distinctly.

   This goes back about 8months or so, give or take, there may be mistakes. Not everything will be on it, I don't think, since when he screwed me over I had a deleting spree on his e-mails

(ALL CARDS IN BOLD ARE CARDS I SENT TO HIM.) Baka ass Jenny.... I know.....

MOST all cards from me were Reg /normal drawn characters some were Deformed, Princess cards.
PP mini: R series 37**, 82**, 85**, 87**
Menko cards (Round cards plain back to them)
**Queen Mother bust and up.
**Chibi in right gown
** Usagi Saluting in navy outfit.
Banpresto set 1 season 2:
**8 Usagi in dress with roses,
**24 Princess holding unconcious Mamoru
**26 Princess with flower field
Banpresto R:
**#13 2 pose card of Queen mother and Princess
Banpresto "S" 1994 Opposite corners of card have a partial "S" on them
**14 Usagi jumping with bunny ears
Banpresto: Pink and Lavender boarders. SS series, 1995
**7 Royal family
**10 Chibi in princess dress on water
Banpresto SS set 2 heart shape ON card.:
**28 Chibi and Moon close up really cool looking faces.(Horizontal Pics)
**29 Usagi in pink dress with yellow sweater on sitting on floor
30 Chibi with Diana on head
**33 Usagi smiling over her shoulder

Banpresto Stars 1996:
#6 Princess profile prism card... ribbons in corners. I am 95% sure I traded this one to him
Morningaya Queen **
Mini TC card of Nude Usagi with wings. In both the Reg and the prism. (see first Picture attached)
0993B Crying Princess Usagi **
1293GA **
1293GE **

Possibly 1295GB I can't remember for sure.
**1 to 2 Large round Menko Prism cards Royalty and/or Usagi in tanktop dress.
PP cards: 91pz Close up of Princess from R prism
92pz Wedding Kiss
174pz Usagi in summer dress. **
243 Usagi in sunflower dress **
244 Crying Usagi on floor**
252 Wedding Usagi **
279**, 287**, 318**, 328** Chibi Usa
336 Chibi in nice dress on floor **
344** Princess Usagi using crystal from R full shot of dress and her arms up with crystal
347 Usagi in red sweater **
363 Usagi in purple dress **

405 Usagi saluting by dor way with shadow
415 Princess Usagi **
436 Dwarf Usagi in red**
425, 529 Chibi w/ Pegasus**
531 Usagi face**
538** face to face Chibi and Usagi Chibi's face DOES NOT SHOW, just her neck
547** face to face both faces showing

560, 569 Chibi in PJ's**, 615**, 618**, 639**, 663, 717**, 718**, 720**, 725**, 741**, 754**, 755**
I seem to remember a heart ribbon card (The card is the shape of an actual Heart) but I don't remember the number.
Festival R #2 Usagi dress with roses on it. **
Festival R #18 Death of Senshi with Living princess in battle.**
Battle Private #12 6 senshi all in deformed mode **
Battle #14 usagi in pink Dress **
#15 Chibi in dress sitting on floor putting on shoes **
MANGA illistration cards similar to what is shown. Usagi, and Chibi **

Jumbo Carddas These are all from "SS"
45> Dwarf of Princess and Normal Chibi and Moon sitting on moon in left hand corner.
47> One of these two princess cards(this or one up) was sent I don't remember which one though. Dwarf Princess's with inners
Jumbo SM R series
#11** Inners with "play boy bunny outfits"
#12** Princess Usagi 2 snapshots in right side on is her dancing with Mask and the other is Battly against Evil queen as scouts lend her their strength to use sceptor.
#13** Double pose of Usagi crying looking over her shoulder and SailorMoon arms over head with sceptor
#19** Princess Usagi on bottom with Mamoru on top portion w/ Yellow roses
#20** Running Mask with Usagi looking sad. (If you want pics let me know)
Jumbo Carddas "S" serie
** pose Chibi with Pricess dress in background and forground has Chibi sitting with a hand over her "other Picture"

#1 2 pose SailorMoon
#11 2 pose ChibiMoon
51 princess using sceptor
84 Dwarf posed inner senshi
**90 Princess using crystal,
**91 Little child Usagi holding rose
**92 Usagi puckering up for a kiss
**93 Usagi with rose petals
**219 Usagi and chibi eating turnover things outside during winter
**222 Mad Usagi using crystal to battle snow queen
**224 Usagi in PJ's looking dreamy

Graffiti SS: left top has planet symbol and bottom right has double hearts
13** Dwarf Usagi and Chibi
14** Dwarf SM and ChibiUsa

Graffiti Sailor Stars: These have upper left with a small ribbon/bar and wither a star, moon w/ heart. On bottom right planetary symbol withit's shadow.
26** Eternal Moon
35** Dwarf Eternal Mon and Chibi
39** Dwarf Saturn and Chibi
Graffiti "Jewel" series middle bottom has a colored jewel pictured on card.
**15 Eternal Moon with bubbles
**17 Eternal Moon and Chibi Chibi
**18 Dwarf Moon and Chibi Chibi
Wedding series:
**4 Usagi in Green dress.
**5 Usagi in wedding dress with Chibi chibi next to her
**18 Eternal Moon
**41 Neck up shot of Princess Serenity in the moonlight her tears, cresent mon on forhead, and earings are shining.
**62 Princess in flower field
66 "Art drawn Usagi and Mamoru "painting" done from Rainbow crystal series
**69 Usagi and shodow/ split by a shedding red rose
**76 SM down on knees holding locket and crying
**79 Close up of Eternal Moon deturmined with earings blowingin win
**104 Usagi with SailorMoon reflection in window
**142 Queen mother in floral portrait purple sides

146 Crying Usagi on floor (Looks just like the PP card)
**214 Princess head bowed holding crystal yellow boarder
**217 small lady
**221 Wicked lady
**330 usagi hand at face
**346 SailorMoon looking ticked ready to use crystal
**359 SailorMoon crying as she tries to save Saturn
**360 SailorMoon beat up holding baby saturn in arms
**372 Usagi in pink dress
**373 Chibi in striped dress

332pz chibi on water reaching out
393 pz Chibi and Usagi looking at one another

She responds to me 4/7/01

i'll get back to you with the cards that he has left. he has already sold some to kids at school.

::Sees red and screams:: Look at all the cards I lost. Add up the value and you collectors tell me what an ass I was... yes THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN !!!!!!

I am currently waiting to see what if any cards are left that will be sent to me. IF I get any I will update this page and I will have to see what cards come in and even if they are MINT as I sent them. By the way He screwed me, Moon Princess and another person so there are 3 of us all together.


On 4/11 I get this e-mail from Matt

the email that jeanine sent was a misunder standing. you will get back all  the cards you sent me because i never sent any drawings. you have nothing to worry about. it was geat doing busines with you.

After this he e-mails Moon Princess the following:

According To my records, $169.55 in cards and $15 for postage and a new
black drawing pen is what is still owed me, for a total of $184.55 that you
still owe me.  After the $145.75 in cards you are sending, you will still
owe me $38.80.  I will, of course, have to inspect the cards myself before
agreeing to your value estimation.

**Note: I was ecstatic for her of course the little #@!* didn't bother to e-mail me any updates. So more than likely the cards are all sold. God I want to spank the daylights out of this kid. If I was his mother I would seriously punish him. Unfortunately according to an ICQ message from him after we first met he claims that his parents don't spend much time with him. So folks this is what happens when parenting takes a back seat. 

In response to her he wrote on 4/11/01 the following:

i'm sending you a bunch of art, cards, and the vidio,  the 145.55  worth of
cards i'll let you have them if you buy the rest of my collection for
$200.00. i'm trying to get out of the busnise, and if don't feel like i owe
you any thing.  and if you go for this i'll send you any thing i have
left, but the special stuff will cost you extra.  i hope we can work
something out.

::Pulls hair in frustration:: You want to get out of the business?? Yeah, because you got caught, and are a rotten individual. Who the HELL gave all those cards to you in trust?? And what did you do? You screwed over two no three very nice persons. Hell, Moon Princess traded you for her old printer so you'd have something with which to show off your art for crying out loud! Not only that but you are going to sell her her she was supposed to get art for and received nothing in return and you are going to sell her cards that you got from me and god knows who else??  You are a sick, sad, child. I don't care how old you are (16- 17  I think at the time). You need to grow up and get a conscious.

Moon Princess's responce to me (possibly to him as well was..)

And I quote, " GET REAL"

Princess never went through with it and I believe he has been reported. If I find out anything else I will let you know and post it here.