Just plain obnoxious...... @_@

Ok fellow SM trading card fiends! Have you ever had one of those days or in this case a few days and this one person keeps annoying you about cards? 

You know the one I am referring to.....Don't you??  The one question per e-mail type person. The person who insists they are looking for "character cards" in this case Queen and Princess...? And better yet they keep saying they don't have a lot of money...? How about when just when you think you can't stand anymore they say they want to add more only to back out again...... Well this is what I mean by annoying. The story and my notes in reference to my example are to follow....Full name/e-mail/ect  IS NOT used so I can protect the persons privacy... but some of you may know her. >_<



3/19/01 E-mail received from someone called "Princess S....." :


do you have sailor moon cards her as Princess ,Neo Queen and her mother /for sale?  Any!
thank you!

Response from me....... 2 e-mail responses because I missed a card ect...

1st response to her.... 
The prism cards I have available are PICTURED on my SALES Page's which are clearly labeled for your convince. You should Look and read a bit more BEFORE you e-mail me asking repeated and self explanatory questions. 

2nd Response to her...
I do not have PP 91 only 92 and It is worth $20.00. These cards in the online stores go for 25.00 and up. So my price is already discounted. #92 is pictured on the site in the links I sent to you,


3/20/01 E-mail response from other person

What Prism do you have?
THank you!!!

My Response......

Op! I found the 91 I had it already in a top loader @_@ Sorry about that. And Actually For both I can go 35.00 but not 30.00. I only have 1 of #91


3/20/01 E-mail response from other person

What princess ,neo queen ,queen do you have PRISM?

PP3 91
PP3 92
I would buy them for $30 togther. I am not really rich.
thank you!

My responce ....

In Japanese cards there is no known prism card of Usagi and her mother There is a REGULAR card but no known prism of those two.



what princess,neo queen ,and her mother PRISM? do you have ? pp3 92

My response...... 

I have PP3 . The card # 226 is from PP5 and is considered a RARE find. I do not have that card as extra I don't even have one for my set. All prism cards I have extras of are Pictured ON THE SITE. Here is the link for it once again.





you have PP3 92,  Cardass 227  her and darien together her as a princess PP5 OR PP6 226 I just want any prism her as a princess or neo queen . ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Thank you=)  Sorry to be a pain.

My responce...........

Ok there are a few things. First 92 and 227 are aside for you..
2) To answer your question about R festival cards, yes they are all normal sized Trading cards, there are no known prism cards for this series. Only regulars.

>i would like caddass 41 62 241 442

3) I have pulled 41, 62 for you.
4) 241 has been sold
5) Carddas DOES NOT go up to 442. So that card is either from Hero, or PP. I need to know what you looked at or I can't tell you if I have it or not.

Let me know soon.... The cards are selling fast.




I do want pp3 92 (I am getting this card!) and carddass 227 her and darien her as a pincess. is the ~ R Festival cards ~ cards narmal size or small 18 i would like caddass 41 62 241 442 
All for 35.00

My response......

ok 242 is sold already. Festival R #18 I have pulled and it's my last one. Anything else?



hi it was 242 can i have R festival cards 18

My response ...

ok 242 is sold already. Festival R #18 I have pulled and it's my last one. Anything else?





I will get PP3 92,  carddass 62 41 227,  Festival R #18
for 29.00 or 32.00

Total is 32.00 Plus 1.00 for shipping US and Canada first class mail with protection for cards. How would you like to pay for these?



03/23/ 01 - 03/24/01

Wrapped up transaction (or so I thought) She said she would pay via Money Order, and we exchanged addresses.



PP3 92 15.00
carddass 62 1.50 41 1.50 227 5.00
Festival R #18 2.50
can I also have SMR set 1993:19 5.00 13 1.00
Season 1 set 2: any her as a princess? 1.00 each
thank you.

Ps: I not rich i would pay 38.00 for every thing

I have been looking for some of these cards for years!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!

Sorry the Banpresto SMR cards have all sold out already, I still have to update that section from the sales I have had the last 2 days. But I do have the Banpresto set 1 season 2 card of Princess. And I hate to tell you this but the prices for both those banpresto set cards are the actual TRADE prices so I WILL NOT lower the price on. All traders and stores I have come across have them at this price per reg card when you break down the set that is. So far i know of only myself that sells the singles.




i will just order what i had before

My reply:

ok. Your order total is as follows: 33.00. Money *MUST* be here with in 7-10 days. ok as soon as I get it your cards will go out. Remember your total is 33.00 with the shipping. And I need your address.