Pain in the butt person's......... Auction threats..?!?

Ok Here is another annoying habit of late on the auction circuit. Ever have those bidders that mess with you so bad there doesn't seem to be any end in site?? Well a friend of mine did, and shown here are 3 examples of auction pranks and threats....... in all 3 of these seller is my friend

Example bidder #1

Seller gives Bad Buyer rating.
Comment:Bidder failed to complete transaction, then left negative comment on MY feedback as though I was at fault. Have e-mails to/from - with headers - showing otherwise. (Mar 01 21:04 PST)
Comment:After being blacklisted, not for failure to pay, but for rude e-mails, begged to be removed from my blacklist. I gave in, and she played a very dirty trick on me. (Mar 01 21:05 PST)
Comment:Sellers please use extreme caution when dealing with this individual. She cannot be trusted and will take advantage of your every kindness. (Mar 01 21:07 PST)
Comment:I'm very disappointed in you, young lady, for taking advantage of me in this way. I showed you patience and understanding, and you showed me only rudeness and deceit. (Mar 01 21:08 PST)
Comment:Unfortunately I am not the only Yahoo seller who has received such treatment from this bidder, as can clearly be seen by feedback comments left by other sellers. (Mar 01 21:09 PST) (most recent)
Response:what do you mean I playd a bad trick on you ok i was just going though my old auctions and I could have done what I did anyways even if you didn't put me on a black list (Mar 02 18:09 PST)

    The person represented above has had a run in with me for messing around with my auctions as well. In the beginning she sounds mature and mannered then turns into a spoiled brat before your very eyes. First off how is it possible for a MINOR to be able to bid on Auctions? This bidder certainly acts like one. Second of all, this person must have no conscience nor proper upbringing. It's bidder like this that really piss me off. I've had my fair share but my friend the seller in all 3 of these on this page get's more problems than I do.... 

Buyer gives Excellent Seller rating.
Comment:Great Seller, A+++++++= THANKS!!!!! Please leave feedback for me Or your rating will become "Average" Thank you again! (Dec 09 12:50 PST)
Buyer gives Average Seller rating.
Comment:Gave You Over A Month....Will Change When Feedback Is Left For ALL Of My Auctions! (Dec 18 12:49 PST)
Comment:Gave You Over A Month....Will Change When Feedback Is Left For ALL Of My Auctions! Thanks!! (Dec 18 12:49 PST)
Comment:Gave You Over A Month....Will Change When Feedback Is Left For ALL Of My Auctions! Thanks!!!! (Dec 18 12:50 PST)
Response:I deliberately declined to leave feedback for this bidder because it would have been "poor" - payment was received more than two weeks late. (Dec 19 14:50 PST)
Response:As for "ALL Of My Auctions!", the other four auctions would receive "bad" - for non-payment! Please beware of this bidder - she's obviously confused. (Dec 19 14:51 PST)
Comment:I Am In No Way Confused. The Reason Why The "Gave you..." Message Was Left So Many Times Is Because My Computer Kept Screwing Up And For That I Appolise. As For The Seller, I Asked REPETEDLY If She Wanted Me To Send Payment For Those Auctions And She Tell (Dec 19 16:20 PST)
Response:Sigh...I told her "REPETEDLY" [sic] that in the spirit of the holidays, I am willing to let the matter of the 4 outstanding auctions, which ended nearly 2 months ago, drop. However, she continues to send abusive, threatening e-mails. (Dec 19 22:24 PST)
Response:Honestly, this bidder has me completely baffled. I have e-mails with headers as proof of my claim of abusive treatment, and the blackmailing feedback comment above speaks for itself. (Dec 19 22:32 PST)
Response:Even she, in her comment above, admits to non-payment for the auctions. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this person, please let me know - - I would very much appreciate it. (Dec 19 22:35 PST)
Response:Just for fun, please note that the first blackmailing threat was submitted on December 9. Then on December 18, she left the second threat, stating she had given me over a month. Nine days in a month? Confused? I should say so. (Dec 19 23:09 PST)
Response:After re-reading all my communications with this bidder, I found no less than four e-mails giving payment options: 1)payment is expected; 2)payment is late, but still expected; 3)choice of paying or cancelling with no repercussions; 4)let it drop. ??? (Dec 20 03:04 PST)
Buyer gives Good Seller rating.
Comment:I Will NOT Leave Excellent feedback for you~But I will leave positive Feedback for you which will in NO Way harm your rating. And I also Apologise, once again for your inconvence in this matter-and hope that I may Be Forgiven. But I will NOT cut and paste (Dec 20 13:26 PST)
Response:Compromise reached. This transaction is for the history books. (Dec 20 20:00 PST)
Response:I have been informed that this person has abandoned a previous alias with no less than 27 negative feedback comments! I checked, it's true. Was even a prior Moon Princess auction winner, so I know it is she. (Dec 21 00:06 PST)
Comment:You know, I thought that this was settled, And I would REALLY appreciate it if you are going to be as FORGIVING as you said~That you Forgive COMPLETLY And DROP IT NOW! Especially when you are speaking of something you know NOTHING OF!!! Please Drop me a (Dec 21 20:36 PST)
Comment:If ANY seller And/Or Buyer Needs Proof That I Am A Good Buyer/Seller, Feel Free To Look Me Up On Ebay. My ID Is daxej Or You Can Email Me At OR daxej@hotmail OR if you have any questions and/Or Comments About Me Or (Dec 21 22:07 PST)
Comment:Thank You. (Dec 21 22:08 PST)
Comment:I Tried To Email This SELLER, And The Reply I Got Back Was That "Recipient no longer accepting messages from sender." This Seller Has Offinded Me From The Start And I Am Getting TIRED Of Rolling Over For Her. **BUYERS BEWARE!!** Moon_Princess: IF YOU DO (Dec 22 08:44 PST)
Response:"IF YOU DO" - what does that mean? Another threat? I thought this matter was CLOSED. I let her off the hook for 4 outstanding auctions. I left no feedback comment of any kind on her profile (a mistake, I now know). (Dec 22 09:22 PST)
Response:I have acted professionally, courteously, and patiently with this person. It is up to the reader to decide which of us is telling the truth. (Dec 22 09:29 PST)
Response:I have nearly 700 positive comments on my profile. She has abandoned an alias with 27 negative comments. Since she mentioned it above, I do not feel obligated to refrain from disclosing that ID: daxej. (Dec 22 09:30 PST)
Response:She continues to harass me with abusive e-mails and threats, thus I blocked her address. It's the holidays, and I'm having to deal with this rather than spend time with my son. (Dec 22 09:33 PST)
Response:She is obviously unbalanced and delusional. I've been more than reasonable. No doubt she will have to have the last word, so I leave it to the reader to decide who is telling the truth. (Dec 22 09:35 PST)
Comment:I am still willing to stand to the 24 hours that I gave you, but if you do not email me regarding this I will be forced to leave you negative feedback. (Dec 22 09:50 PST)
Comment:You are correct in saying that my ebBAY ID is daxej, and if ANYONE wants to look me up, that is Fine with me, Or Email me: my addresses are above. (Dec 22 09:52 PST)
Comment:And Soon I will have completed AP PSYCHOLOGY, So I Will let the readers decide who is better qualified to diagnose "UMBALANCED Or DELUSIONAL" Behavior. HER EXACT WORDS!! (Dec 22 10:01 PST)
Comment:And Soon I will have completed AP PSYCHOLOGY, So I Will let the readers decide who is better qualified to diagnose "UMBALANCED Or DELUSIONAL" Behavior. HER EXACT WORDS OF ME!! (Dec 22 10:02 PST)
Comment:After we decided that this was ALL settled, I Stoped e-mailing her, But Then She started Abusing me in her Feedback, She will Not Let this rest! (Dec 22 10:04 PST)
Comment:And The ONLY Email(s) I have sent her sence have been ones of consern as to what she has been saying about me. She did not block me untill AFTER she said that this matter was closed. SO WHERE DID THE BLACKMAILING COME FROM????? (Dec 22 10:07 PST)
Comment:All I ask is that Moon_Princess RETRACT All Of the ABUSIVE Words that she has wrote about me, And Unlike the Moon_Princess, I WILL NOT SEND HER AN EMAIL, WRITE SOME NICE THINGS ABOUT MYSELF, AND TELL HER TO, And I quote, "CUT AND PASTE THIS"~LIKE SHE DID (Dec 22 10:09 PST)
Comment:LIKE SHE DID TO ME!! (Dec 22 10:10 PST)
Response:All evidence in this matter has been forwarded to my attorney. (Dec 22 11:00 PST)
Comment:*Hopefully*, This matter is resolved. (Dec 22 11:23 PST) (most recent)

    Buyer #2 Has her head up her ass :::cough, cough::: *Sorry about the bluntness, folks* Where in the hell does she get of with threatening someone, anyone, (seller in this case) "Please leave feedback for me Or your rating will become "Average" Thank you again!" 

    I READ all incoming and outgoing e-mails between the two of these persons. Buyer ACTUALLY threatened seller saying that until feedback was changed she would make sure that she left Negative feedback wherever she could for this seller. She also stated in an e-mail to seller that she was a few choice words and I can tell you a few of the names were NOT nice. First of all when seller was trying to settle this buyer was so furious saying that seller was taking her money abusing her with all the e-mails. Well Not one e-mail was overly rude all were very cordial and until seller was threatened she never retaliated in a rude way. If buyer from the above auction reads this (you know who you are..) Then I suggest you stay away from all auctions since you can't act as an adult in the proper manner. 

    Hell, if this was me I would have reached through the damn computer and slapped her. I did the Proverbial :::slapping::: when she tried to screw me out of a few auctions at one time which was right before this happened. Trust me after that I not only blacklisted her but found out about her other e-mails and deleted all incoming e-mails from her. This type of bidder just ticks me off. 

Moral of this story...: Be honest and follow through. If your a Waco or psycho then the repercussions of what you do will come back to haunt you. Trust me... Don't let that happen or you will regret it. You may be one of the lucky few who get Seller above, myself or a few other choice persons who actually have a mouth, smarts and know how to wield them well. Enough smarts to keep the proof of transactions and make you look like the ass you are, WITHOUT having to leave nasty little notes using profanity and such.