True Collectors vs. Specialty Collectors

    Ok people. I KNOW this is happening all over the place, but until recently I have had fairly few requests for those notorious "Princess", "Saturn", "Royal Family" cards. Well I have had nothing but the last week and change. It is so annoying! I mean If your a true collector and want  a few extras or some such it's no biggie, but still.

    What's worse is the fact that in 2 E-mails I received they not only asked for a few particular cards but then didn't want to pay the price I have listed on the site. First let me just elaborate a bit before I go any farther. What the heck is up with you people!? If it's on auction about 99% of the time you'd be paying double and triple what I have as the listed price. As far as I am concerned those of you who ask for these should do a few things first. READ the policies pages! Read the instructions and notes made in the store! If  it says "Specials for trade only" Why the heck do you still write me saying, " I am short on money right now but I would LOVE to buy PP8 foil card.... @_@" THIS IS SELF EXPLANATORY! NOT FOR SALE!!!! Now I do make exceptions when I have someone per-say buy's over 100.00 worth of cards which has happened several times. Even then for the most part I will not sell them a PP8 foil unless I will be getting a lot of money for it because A) I still need from foils from that set. B) those are RARE. The moral for this is to use your head. *MOST* true collectors will not lie about the value of their cards. If in doubt then ask for references.    

#1) All card prices are a "Reference" as to what I paid, or what the going price is for on the web (THIS EXCLUDES AUCTION GOING PRICES). All my prices are either the same or CHEAPER than online stores. And I know for a fact that MOST of what I have , Hell, about 90% of the "Stores" don't carry anymore of and if they do they usually have a minimum and or charge more money for them! They not only don't carry it anymore, and it's not made anymore, but other traders sites are the same if not more in price than mine.

#2) Now for those of you reading this that collect the "Character cards" ESPECIALLY Royalty, Princess cards, Nude Usagi, Zoicite, Malachite, Saturn, Pluto cards. Just for the record you can ask anyone out there that is a collector and you will find that Not only are those hard to get a hold of but there aren't that many in general of them out of all the set's there are. Example of this is there is only about 5 cards that I know of of  Zoicite and Malachite out there out of the thousand plus individual cards between all the series/sets'. If we choose to sell them at all to you. then more than likely it will be for a specific price. You should not argue. You should not try and haggle for prices ESPECIALLY if you only intend to buy 1 or 2 cards! This is the #1 reason why so many nice sellers and/or traders are offended when you bug them about the price.    

Now if you see a LOT of cards you want to buy then you can e-mail me and ask what kind of deal I can give you. I mean if you are a beginner to card collecting, or are in school and can only afford a certain amount then I will be more than happy to help get you a starter pack going. Just tell me what if any cards you have and if you have an idea what you are looking for, price total you can afford, and I will see what I can do for you. Generally though I will not go more than 10% to 15% on sales that originally were $50 or more.