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NOTE: All written info on this page is from and by ME. Do not take my poetry, for your use. I have worked my Butt off for this page and my site. Do not be inconsiderate, please!


Our two worlds are so different,
Yet they are so very similar.
Our precious worlds are under attack,
And still we choose to fight back.
Our love is what binds us together,
And is also what helps us stay strong.
When we put our love and trust together,
We will see our world  move on.
We choose Love over Hate,
And Joy over Sorrow.
Never Choosing to look back,
and always seeing our tomorrows.
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The Outcome

I am the princess of the Moon,
So beautiful and Serene.
You are the Prince of the Earth,
So handsome and of my dreams.
We are one and yet we are apart,
Our destiny is to be together,
Though our time will be much too short.
Our lives may be in Danger,
Destroying what we hold dear.
But our love will grow stronger,
With each passing year.

The Negaverse will try to destroy all we know of, and all we hold dear
They will try to use our fear against us.
But when the time is right our fear will ignite,
overpower and flow free.
It will turn into anger as we prepare to gain,
back all the happiness, peace and Love that will once again reign.
What was once lost to darkness and now will reappear,
In the warm glow of Loves sweet defeat !! 

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My only Love

Looking to the Earth I see,
My Prince staring back at me.
Pure of heart, goodness and light,
With me in my Sweet dreams at night.
Oh, my sweet Darien come, and hold me tight....
So that I may Sleep and dream of peace this night !
Our worlds are restless as battle draws near,
We must ready our worlds for the worst draws here.
Among the Moonlight and stars we dance one last dance....

The Heavens looking down are wishing us well.
Not sure of this moment, future, or ourselves.
We hold each other close and the music starts to end.
We walk to the balcony silence at hand,
Your beautiful hands are holding my own....
Caressing it's softness, as if memorizing my touch.
I look up and I am captured by the eyes that I love so much.
The love that shines there matches my own,
Our vows are exchanged, and sealed with a kiss.
Such bliss and hope rage through our veins...
Always grow stronger and yet stay the same
We look towards the Earth knowing what must come next.
One last look, one last smile, one last tear for all our sorrow!
We part our ways with our hearts heavy yet light...
Good-by my Prince! My love will be your light !  

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My Warrior. . .

My warrior's arms are so strong,
yet so gentle.
My warrior's Lips so firm,
yet so soft...
My warrior's eyes glow like the sun,
yet dim like the mist on an early morn.
My warrior is off to battle to protect our Kingdoms from harm.
So I must give my warrior a dream, so that he may dream on...
My Beautiful Locket will be yours to keep by your side,
Playing the music of our last dance
To keep your hope alive.
Handing it to him, I lean over to kiss... my gentle warrior's soft yet firm lips.
Please take this with you to keep you from harm.
My love will be with you to remind you to come home.
and my kiss will guide you through the eye of the storm.
I want you to come back to me and rule by my side .
This warrior's wife is trembling like a leaf inside!

Just remember as you go that the warrior that goes off to battle,
leaves another warrior behind.
And although you've made me stronger, even while your love grows inside...  
We all have weaknesses we all try to hide.
Come back to me in one piece and rule by my side, your daughter is coming...
And counting on you to live an eternity here by my side.

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Our two worlds torn apart by
hate and strife.
Only to be united by Love and Moonlight...
One Serine Princess
so beautiful and fair
One bold Prince
so courageous and strong.
Fight for the right to be able to dream on
of peace, love,  and friendship.
Their strength must go on....
Their courage and determination
are setting the paths
to forgiveness and charity,
as the world they once new
begins to blossom as one all anew.
Their wisdom and strength are far beyond one's dream's
Lending them strength to fight  and win against defeat.

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Wings of Love can set you free...
Or hold you near, here beside me.
They shelter you from harm,
Yet keep you so close and warm.
Holding you so very near,
feeling your heartbeat here against mine.
When all is going wrong with this world of ours...
Just remember to dream the dream that wings grow on!

"When all seems lost, all is not necessarily forgotten.
Always remember that deep inside you the answer still exists." rose_bar.gif (6017 bytes)