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Site links to other fanatics ^_~

Traders refrences for card trades!!

Shitajiki & Furoku trader/ buyer. Friendly w/ a wonderful site!
Fellow Shitajiki trader. New website w/ great design!
Collector of many things all of which are similar to my tastes.
^_^ Awesome site and lots of great info.
Fellow Collector (Trader & Buyer) of Sailor Moon related items.

Lovely Full Moon site of a fellow furoku collector. ^_^
Fellow shitajiki & phone card collector.
Wonderful collection and very friendly to work with. 
Another shitajiki, phone card, & clear file collector.
Wonderful person, great site and lots of cool goodies to drool over. ^_^

Trading cards and shitajiki collector.
Great site layout and cute small gallery.



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