Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

  Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Introduction...

  As the dawn of the 20th century arrives, with it arrives the threat of Satan wanting to take over the world. The way for him to accomplish this is for him to gather and unleash his forces upon earth. Sending them to earth they begin to possess various Art objects and in the process pic a target to possess  as well. The person of which has to have a pure heart of hearts.  

  The story revolves around a young girl  Maron Kusakabe student at a local high school. She does exceedingly well in the Gymnastics class there. She lives by herself, tending to her own needs, and for reasons that are not fully explained in the beginning of the series. Very nice and outgoing person but she also isn't afraid to speak her mind. During times of crisis she transforms into Kaitou Jeanne who, with the help of her angel friend called Fin Fish. Since Jeanne is an agent of god, she cannot be possessed by evil. She arrives on the scene, destroys the evil entities which is called "Checkmate" and saves the person that was possessed.

  One day a new student arrives by the name of  Chiaki Nagoya. He's the resident bad boy ^_^ Very nice when he wants to be in his own way. He's very aggressive and is always teasing Maron about various thing. When a new demon emerges he arrives on the scene as  Kaitou Sindbad the devil's agent with his helper AccessTime . Neither Kaitou knows about the other's true identity. 

  As they try to beat each other to get the most "checkmates" aka gathered/trapped/sealed demon's, they begun to know each other better. Secrets and mysteries are revealed about both of them. One of which is who they really are in their other form (Kaitou's). A relationship develops and they begin to have feeling for each other.    

Review and rating to parents 

  This is a wonderful Series. It's  full of brilliant colors, a great story, very kawaii character drawings, and lots of action and emotion. I watched this with my children and they loved it. There is one scene *maybe* that has a partial back shot of Maron in the shower. Other than that depending on who you buy it from (who subtitles it) is depending on whether there is any profanity in it. 

  The series has both the negative and positive sides as with most things, but is a very positive series.  Dealing with one's true self, feelings, hopes, ect.. I enjoyed it thoroughly with my children and feel that a series like this should be welcomed with open arms. 

  Be advised that depending on your religion this series could be a problem. I do not find I have a problem with it, but because it is based in part on religion there could be problems on the home front. Frankly speaking, I think that to accept the world and all it's people is to accept that  we are all one large family.  Religion should not rule our lives but it should not be ostracized either. 

  Please note that it is up to the parent to view and critique the series before their children get their hands on it.. Good luck to you all and I hope if and when you watch this series you will love it as much as I do.