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All boards are MINT (Normal) condition.  Boards that are in MINT MINT condition will be noted as "Pristine Condition". 
All damaged items are noted w/ specifics.    All items are for sale. If there is no price shown, then please click on the shitajiki picture.
~ Updated 7/2/13 ~
I am migrating all items to my e-crater shop!!

If you are looking for specific boards tell me as I might have them on hand but not up yet.
My E-crater shop has current inventory of 771 Shitajiki and I still have another 300 to list! 

Me at either sailorjeni[at]yahoo[dot]com or  blossomfairy[at]serendipity-collections[dot]com . 

Please keep in mind that on some pics my scanner didn't do so great a job. Also Pics from my Digital Camera might be a bit off because my hands are not very steady..  Coloring might be off in some cases because of this. NONE OF THESE BOARDS ARE COLOR DAMAGED!! Any strange glare/lights are attributed to this as well >_<;; My scanner is just really old & very messed up, and my digital camera.. well, that's another story all together.

Mamotte Syugogetten
Report of the Nature spirits  Karin
Gentleman's Alliance
(double sided w/ Love Comic mini) 
Air Tsubasa Chronicle
Supernatural Nanari
Aishteriuze Baby
Kamichami Karen
Fruits Basket
Time Stranger Kyoko Full Moon wo Sagashita Wonder Wedding Promo
Ren-Ai Shijo Shugi

Pitchi Pitchi Pitch
Never Give Up!

Tokyo Underground
Da Capo promo
Time Stranger Kyoko Full Moon wo Sagashita Full Moon wo Sagashita
Full Metal Alchemist
Gundam Seed Destiny
Anniversary Promo

Canvas 2
Shocking Pink-Sky
0799EV  $6
Cheers/BB Brothers Furoku
Dear Boys
Infinite Ryvius
Anime Expo promo '05

Hikaru no Go

Kyo Kara Maou

Brafman System
"RUSH" magazine promo